Monday, October 29, 2007

We have a winner??! (or Holy crap!)


What a long day....great but long!
We started the day early, leaving Manhattan at 1030 for an 11am appointment. As stated earlier, we had spoken with the listing agent and although the open house wasn’t till 230, we got to go early. A’s parents came for the visit with us again which was great, as they ask the tough questions and make sure no shenanigans go on.

We got to Brooklyn a few minutes early (Broker was running late) so we made a pit stop to the Cocoa Bar, an awesome local coffee shop. Besides all kinds of crazy coffee drinks (Banana Cocoa Latte anyone?) They also have tons of chocolates and desserts (Peanut Butter Explosion…I would’ve but it was 11am people!)

The apartment is great. It’s a 1,019 square feet, 2 + bedroom. 2 bathroom (the + being an extra room that can be an office) on the second floor of a renovated brownstone. Every ting inside is new and beautiful…new bathrooms, new kitchen, re-stained floors.

I think this has everything we are looking for, from the location (6th ave b/w 5th and 6th street), to the school system (PS 39…yes we need to keep that in mind) to the fact that it is a condo. There’s only 4 units in the building, and the seller is on the first floor, which I hope means he put some care into making sure this place is in tip top shape as he will be leaving there as well!

We did of course visit 6 other proprieties, but at this point, none of them really held a candle to what we saw. Maybe they had no chance since from the first apartment of the day it was essentially over. We spent the rest of the day figuring out any other questions or concerns (believe it or not, having a storage place for a baby stroller was a big one).

After visiting more places in the slope we decided to entertain checking out Brooklyn Heights. In a nutshell, the heights are gorgeous but just way out of our price range. Plus, it lacks that Park Slope edge we really dig. It does have an amazing view as you can see her and it’s REALLY close to the city.


We went home yesterday, really overwhelmed and in that “holy shit” mode. We’ve been talking about buying for a while, but now we’ve found a place we love and realize this could be it. So we decided to sleep on it and see how we feel, and then take it from there.

And today we decided we still love it, and are going to put a bid in.

Stay tuned for more…


Abbey Sarynne said...

SO exciting and so beautiful! What a gem! It looks (and sounds) like you wouldn't have to spend tons on fixing up the place as everything is in such great condition!
Whooppeeeeee! I can't wait to hear what happens!
(I am soon going to be able to say that my friends are tough folks from Brooklyn! Werd up!)

Abbey Sarynne said...

P.S. Those hardwoods are beautiful!