Friday, October 26, 2007

Crooklyn Part 13.2 : The long ride home

Hey all,

So another weekend, another weekend of open houses (No, not a typo). This weekend we have 6 open houses to visit, with one potential closer. On paper seems great...condo, 1100 sq feet, second floor newly renovated brownstone. They are selling two identical properties, one on the 2nd floor, one on the third, for the same of course we want the second floor if it is the place want. Mr. Mitt, using all his masculine wiles and charms, got us into a preview showing Sunday morning before the open house. Personally, i think the broker is just trying to undercut his own team-mate, but who knows.

We are also going to recheck out an old apt we saw last week that I wasn't crazy about b/c it was too close to the park, or for that matter, felt less like Brooklyn and more like Central Park West, but we will check.

I will be the first to admit that looking for apartments feels a lot like running a marathon. Or maybe a non-stop decathlon. There's all these events...doing the research, training and asking all the right questions, keeping track of things, getting the mortgage pre-approved, and then staying on top of things. This weekend A and I told ourselves that we were going to take it easy and not go down, but then an awesome place jumped out and we realized we can't stop b/c something great that we want could be taken out from under us, like the proverbial rug taken out below the feet of Aladdin as he flew thru the air to princess jasmine (don't ask...been a long week of nothingness and my brain somehow regressed to old Disney cartoons). But in all honesty, you just have to keep going, and then when you find it, and you have your home...well then you can rest. And truth be told, when you see a great apartment, and you think to yourself, 'wow, this might be my next home,' it's pretty exhilarating.

It's funny how A and I said after the wedding we were going to lay low and do a whole lot of nothing for a few months, but i realize it's just not in our nature.

An interesting question that has come up of late was how do condos get managed. With co-ops, there is a board and usually a management company, but for condos it can be different. I found this article on browns toner.

Stay tuned for our report on Sunday.

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Abbey Sarynne said...

I can't even believe so much time has passed since I have read about yoru wild wild adventures! How exciting!!! I have no doubt that your future Park Slope home will be BEAUTIFUL! How's the commute? (You never updated on that)
When you go to see the 2nd floor brownstone, one of you should go up to the 3rd floor one and walk around; if it''s the second floor you want, you want to make sure that the neighbors walking above you doesn't bother you (i.e. really thin ceilings?)
Keep the updates coming and good luck!