Friday, October 19, 2007


Ok, rather than assault you with a litany of our excuses (Amanda traveling, Matt starting new job) of why we failed to give detailed explanation of our visitation to Brooklyn last week, we will say that we fell in love with Brooklyn.

So much that at this moment, we are dropping Queens from our list (although not entirely, just for the moment), and focusing on Brooklyn, or more for that matter, Park slope.

I think we both fell in love with the neighborhood, the non-city feel. We dug the vibe, the crowds and even yes, the baby strollers. (No, A’s not pregnant, and neither am I for that matter). We really enjoyed the side streets, the ‘affordable’ brown stones and everything.

The only thing we aren’t completely sure of at this moment is the commute, as we came down via car, so this weekend we are going to about 800 open houses and we’ll take the subway.

(Editors note: A has informed me that we are going to 8 open houses, not the 800 aforementioned number above).

So we promise to return on Sunday with a full recap, pics, and hopefully some video.

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