Monday, October 29, 2007

Round 3: blood sport

It's round 3. By now, a couple of good hits have been landed, a few body shots to the budget, an illegal kick to the groin, but we're still up and ahead of the game. Still in our price range although higher than we had hoped.

Tonight we put in our counter offer. As of now, we know there is at least one other player in the game. We knew from the moment we heard their bid we could counter it, but we sugar ray Leonard or Muhammad Ali (they call me me drop this beat...for all your LL fans), for the moment to strike, not to act too eager or too willing.

We will wait and see what tmw brings...

(PS..i used this photo not b/c of the gratuitous shot of a young woman's behind (although nice), but more b/c it was the best image I could find that said round 3. Honest. )

1 comment:

Abbey Sarynne said...

Wow - I feel the exciting stress for you! Deliver the knockout!