Monday, July 28, 2008

More Pics and the latest


Some pics from last Friday at the apartment.

As you can see, the place is really starting to come along. (Or maybe you can't see...sometimes the pictures don't show much).

We had some real slow downs with our plumber. Our first plumber failed to get back to us, and then this new plumber who was awesome, took a few days to get started. But now he's come in and gotten the ball rolling, so I'm hoping that this week (week of July 28th), we can FINALLY start the bathroom.

Much of the rest of the apartment is coming along nicely. The apartment has been painted and the closets in the + room and second bedroom are almost complete. You can see the doors on the + room below. We've also had closet people come in and give us a quote and hopefully that will start soon.

One really cool thing was we had the old giant radiators removed from the two bedrooms. they were humongous contraptions that took up most of the room and made it virtually impossible to put anything near them. We've now removed them and put new ones into the walls. They were a little expensive, but it was one of those things that i think was worth it.

Not sure what else to report here...Amanda and I are just really looking forward for this coming to a close. Oh yeah, we also moved the washer and dryer from the linen closet into the coat closet in the hallway, so that's kind of neat too.

We're just excited to see this all come to a close soon, and Amanda is looking forward to saging (if i have that term correctly, using sage to rid the apartment of bad energy and what not) and putting in good energy, which we'll need considering who are neighbor is. The good news is that we have had minor contact with them since the trespassing issue, and my Agata or anxiety that I feel when i come home has become less and less. That will take some time, but I think we are realizing that this is our apartment and our building, regardless of who else lives there.

until next time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Pics!

Sorry we have been devoid of stories lately. There is actually some new drama, mostly revolving around one of our neighbors trespassing, but I do realize that we've kept the bulk of that drama for the book! in the meantime, here are photos from Monday, and more to come today!

As you'll see, the electricians have come in and gotten us new circuit breakers, the walls are being painted, the bathroom still has a looong way to go, and we're still living with our in-laws.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Latest Pictures from the homefront!

Moved the fridge, and built shelf to go above. rebuilding

Though you can not see the context of location...this is the spot demarcated for our television.

paint swatches...we are going with 'etiqutte.' (yeah, exactly).

The new closet in the plus room.

Side view of new closet in second bedroom. Kid tested...

Matt Approved!