Saturday, August 16, 2008

New pics from the homefront

Amanda is away in the berkshires, so I went to visit the pad. Long day, tired, took Chester Copperpot out for a spin and now just want to go watch tv. so here are some pics of the apartment. THe kitchen looks like it is almost done (wood coverings are in place...just need the hardware so we can actually open the door!).

The closets were installed in the closet room which was pretty awesome, and the bathroom is slowly but surely progresing. Hopefuly be end of next week the tiling will be done.

Look and enjoy. And stay safe. help you see how far the kitchen has come, i've included what the kitchen looked like before we started.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Move-in date suckers!

Hey all,

No new pics just yet, and no new dramatic stories, but we've got a move in date of September 20th! (No, no party scheduled just yet, but that will come soon!).

Basically, we think the apartment will be done in a week and a half, and then we get the bathroom stuff fully connected and then boom it's golden. (Of course we need to have it cleaned, change some filters on some A/Cs, have a voodoo priestess come in and get rid of evil spirits).

So that's the latest...

For lack of having any new video or's Amanda skydiving

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bathroom in progress

Amanda and I finally picked up our new bikes which her folks got us for our anniversary, and went for a ride in prospect park. Amanda named her bike Andy and mine is named Chester Copperpot.

We also stopped by the apartment to see the progress on the place. The bathroom is coming together, as they are building the wall and even put up the first layer of the subway tile. Hopefully by next week's end, that will be done!

Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Almost there! (lots and lots of pics)

Well, Great news! Amanda and I went to visit the apartment last night and we can say that it is looking really really amazing. Every time we go by there it feels more and more like a home and last night just really hit home. (no bad pun intended). Even with all the nonsense and crazy neighbors, it hasn't mattered, and we really just can't wait to get in there and be over with. (We even ran into crazy neighbor last night and it was very cordial).

It's really amazing to see everything come together, from the tv being mounted (yes, dorks i know), to the finished paint job, the new closets (you would never know they were never there), the new radiators (who would've thought you could get excited about those?) and fans, it's all really coming together. After this week, the only big thing left will be the bathroom, but at least that has a floor!

So enjoy the new pics, plus a video of our new track lighting.