Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Almost there! (lots and lots of pics)

Well, Great news! Amanda and I went to visit the apartment last night and we can say that it is looking really really amazing. Every time we go by there it feels more and more like a home and last night just really hit home. (no bad pun intended). Even with all the nonsense and crazy neighbors, it hasn't mattered, and we really just can't wait to get in there and be over with. (We even ran into crazy neighbor last night and it was very cordial).

It's really amazing to see everything come together, from the tv being mounted (yes, dorks i know), to the finished paint job, the new closets (you would never know they were never there), the new radiators (who would've thought you could get excited about those?) and fans, it's all really coming together. After this week, the only big thing left will be the bathroom, but at least that has a floor!

So enjoy the new pics, plus a video of our new track lighting.

1 comment:

Abbey Sarynne said...

Hooray Hooray Hooray! Keep the pics coming! It looks gorgeous!!!
I can't believe you are officially almost Brooklynites!