Monday, December 29, 2008

Sure the recession bites, but...

But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy something sweet. 

Some clever guys I know over at FRESHTHRILLS LLC (and this isn't a plug just because I happen to do a lot of work with them and may have been involved in the project), came up with a fun way to find some cheer during this time where it's lacking. 

And since the project is getting some props in some cool design blogs, I'd be rather amiss not to hype it up in my own. 

So please, take a moment and check it out. 
And who knows...maybe you can pick up some of your own in the very near future...

Mortgage Rates going down!

It's been a while, and not much exciting stuff to report. 
But got an interesting and exciting call from my mortgage broker on Friday. 

Looks like interest rates on mortgages are going down for people with good credit, so if you have a mortgage and are paying a higher rate, it might be worthwhile to talk to your guy (or girl) and see about getting a lower amount. We might be able to lower ours by over a point which can result in savings of over $4,000 a year!