Monday, October 1, 2007

Astoria: No. Ohm: Yes

As you read below, the Mr and I had a great time in Forest Hills. Since catching the apartment bug, we wanted to see everything and anything. We read about an open house in Astoria at the Windsor, and were psyched to go. We don't know that much about Astoria, but it's a quick jaunt on the N or W train near our offices and thought we'd take a look on a nice Monday eve.

However, I just checked out about the property, and there was NOTHING good about the building. Reviewers who went to the property said it was shotty construction, in a crappy, "nasty," location, and a "fugly" building taboot (love the word fugly)

So, Matt and I have decided to NOT go to Astoria tonight to view this property, trading it for a lovely evening of Bikram yoga together. The couple that apartment hunts, and sweats together, stays together!
PS. If anyone knows where to look in Astoria, please let us know! It's so convenient to my midtown Manhattan life!

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Abbey Sarynne said...

My dad's district includes Astoria - I will ask him where you should look; he will know! If you live there and don't eat at Elias Corner and Uncle George's, I'll never speak to you again!