Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rant: Co-Broke this!

Matt here.
Today we went to Brooklyn and will have full details soon. In the meantime, here is a rant that has been sticking in my head all night:

Look, I'm all for abbreviations. I love Soho (South of Houston), love the term SoHA even more (South of Harlem). and I Get the fun of using shorter scripts for texting and online, it saves space, and gets your point across faster (despite the fact that when someone writes LOL or LMAO every time i make an online joke, even when it's not THAT funny, makes me think people are getting lazy instead of letting me know I've actually made a funny. What's worse is that it ruins my standards so I think I'm being funny even when I am not). But i have to draw the line tonight when I met a girl who works in real estate and used the term "Co-Broke." Now perhaps this is actually a true real-estate term and I'll feel silly later for even going this route, but it seemed completely lazy and kind of valleyish to use the term Co-broke. You've already gone so far as to enunuciate broke....what's so hard in just saying broker. Anyone who is over 30 will appreciate hearing that you are intelligent and didn't go to school at Hudson Valley Community College (No disrespect if you went there, i'm sure it's a great place). It's like I get annoyed when people say 'for reals' or 'delish.' it's one thing to say it in jest, and know you are kind of making a mockery and being playful and self-aware, and another when it's how you actually speak.

All I'm saying boys and girls is, take the time to say broker. Co-broker sounds more professional and that you know what you are doing. Jesus, maybe I'm getting older or growing up, but when it comes to real estate, I want to know that my broker knows what he's talking about. I am okay if he's a little goofy looking, nerdy with glasses and a little padding. My marketing guy should look slick, but that's another story.

OK, rant over. Good night, and good riddance.

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