Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Down and out??

I know we keep making veiled references to boxing, but honestly, it seems like that is the best way to sum up the experience of bidding and counter bidding and what not.

It’s like a round comes up and you think you got your shots on and have the upper hand, and then BOOM, next round the opponent comes in with a quick shot to the mid-section and you’re pissing blood. (Ok, not necessarily the case)

Unfortunately, it looks like we may have been outbid on this property. We love it…it has everything we want, but the bastards seem to have put a bid in that matches what our cap was. And while we could afford to go higher, I think any higher and we would be paying more than the apt was worth.

The interesting thing we are considering is that there is the EXACT same apt just one flight up. Of course, we wouldn’t offer nearly as much as we are for this one, but it’s something we are considering, although I don’t know if we want to deal with going up the extra flight of stairs. I know what you’re saying, ‘poor me, one extra flight of stairs,’ but hell, when you’re carrying lots of goods and even a kid or two, it adds up.

That and I don’t know if I want to look in the eyes of the F**ker who outbid me.

This is how I feel:

(PS: We had two pictures planned for if we got the apartment…the one above is our ‘losing pic’ the one below would have been our ‘winning.’)


Abbey Sarynne said...

Who wants that 2nd floor condo! Not you two! I spit on that condo!
(But I'm sorry you didn't get it)

Kingsley said...

So sorry... We know the feeling very well, and while it sucks, when you find the one you'll be glad you didn't get it.