Friday, February 22, 2008

T-minus 18 hours...

Christ. 1 day to go and still a whole lot of packing to do.

Luckily, we’ve gotten A LOT done, but there’s that feeling that there’s always more to pack. On Wednesday night we went back and forth between Amanda’s parents and our apartment with suitcases and wardrobe boxes (I think our door men think we’re mental) but we got a lot out of the way.

Still feels weird that we’ll be living with our in-laws soon. I’ll be reporting extensively about that one.

Still trying to sell our air conditioners and tables. There’s this guy who’s supposed to be taking over our apartment, and he already lives in the building. He told our doormen he was interested in our stuff, but we haven’t even spoken to him or gotten any kind of commitment. So I told the doormen to tell him he needs to speak to us TONIGHT or we are taking everything with us. Just odd that this guy would wait until the last moment. Actually, more annoying than anything.

Short report, will be back to tell more later.

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