Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The countdown is officially down to 4 days, which normally would make one freak that they weren’t fully packed, but luckily for us this past weekend was a long one (for me at least, not Amanda), so we were able to get a LOT of packing done.

We got our boxes from our man Gonzo (yes, real name), and began the process of putting things together.

At first, it was a little overwhelming, as we didn’t know where to begin or what was the best strategy. So after a few false starts, we each broke off to a different section of the apartment (Amanda did linens, I tackled the books) and started our boxes.

The tricky part is that we are essentially putting our stuff into two different places: stuff that is going to her parents, and stuff that is going into storage. So we have to be careful what goes where so we can tell our movers where to deliver stuff.

The other tricky part is packing up stuff we can live without for a week (computer speakers, tv in bedroom) vs. things we simply can’t live without (HDTV player, microwave). It’s a little trickier than you think as you have to pack things and leave some boxes open so that they can be filled in on Friday night when we do our final pass and closing of our stuff.

There is also the issue of wardrobe: We brought over a few suitcases of stuff to her parents house, but even though they have made a lot of room for us, it clearly is a lot less room than we are accustomed to. So that, coupled with the fear that renovations will take twice as long as we hope gives me just a small sense of claustrophobia.

Saturday night brought a respite in our final apartment, dubbed ‘The Flight of the Concords.’ We had a great showing from friends, and there are no photos since our camera battery had died and I only found it on Sunday where it was stashed in one of our suitcases (I’m just hoping now that my sunglasses will turn up the same way!). Thanks to our friends who could make it and hopefully it was a fun little gig for the road.

It is still pretty wild this is all going down and odd that we’ll be saying goodbye to this place. We’re still hoping to sell off our Air Conditioners before the week is through, hopefully to the guy who is taking over our lease, so we are waiting to hear from him. Our doorman told him about it, and it’s kind of a steal, plus he wouldn’t have to pay to have them installed so it would behoove this guy…we will see.

That’s all for now…more to come as the week progresses.

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