Thursday, February 14, 2008

Closer to Fine(ding when the hell we’re moving in)

It’s been a little while since a post, mostly because there’s not been much to report. We had sent in the co-op package but there were a few missing items although now it is officially in the hands of the board. It seems as though we’ll probably hear from them over the next few weeks and hope to be approved by Mid March.

There’s a growing sense of excitement/unease, as the due date with which we move out draws nearer. We have about 9 days left in our apartment, which is pretty scary, coupled with the fact that we are leaving here to move in with my in-laws.

Here’s a recent email that shook me to my core:

From Amanda

To Steve, Roberta, matt


I hope that doesn't make you shudder!

As you know, Matt and I will be spending our first night in your apartment on next Saturday, Feb 23rd.

Matt and I would love to take you to brunch next Sunday to inaugurate this momentous occasion. And plus, that's just what roommates do on Sunday afternoon.

Please let us know if you are free Sunday the 24th.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m psyched, it’s just scary as hell that this is real. It’s also a little scary that we will be leaving the place that we have lived for the past three years. I guess it’s the feeling that you live somewhere for a long time and you almost forget what it was like to live anywhere else, even though you’ve lived other places long periods of time. I can’t remember what it was like to live in the house I grew up in and that was for 18 years.

Tonight our boxes are coming in so we are fully going into packing mode. This weekend, despite one last soiree’ at our pad, we are mostly packing and putting things away. And throwing out crap.

Another sense of frustration/anticipation is the issue of our closing date. When we initially put in the bid, we told he sellers we were flexible with the dates since they needed time to renovate their new place and we had a place to stay rent-free. But as time has gone on and we have tried to get an idea (any idea, some idea please!) of when they wanted to move, we received no response. It’s not an insane question, since we just want to start planning things with our renovations plans, and making sure our contractor is available for the times we want to start working.

To the looks of it, it seems as though we are hoping for a closing date of April 15th, and a goal of moving in by June. Amanda says she wants to be in our apartment for our 1-year anniversary. To me that makes sense, especially since we won’t have any money to go anywhere for the ‘paper anniversary.’ But if she still wants paper, we can always pick up some 40’s and drink them out of a paper bag.

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