Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So close...

So Amanda and I are making significant gains on reaching everything for our closing. Maybe this part is boring, but words can’t express the pain in the ass it is to get all your shit together. I can’t say it again: Save all your bank statements and put them in a banner. Or better yet, go paperless. Most banks will reward you by letting you keep up to 7 years worth of statements on online so when the time comes you can print them and have them.

We are currently missing about 6 months of statements on about 6 accounts and the bank normally charges about $6 per statement (wait a sec, 6-6-6…buying an apartment is the work of the devil!), so when we went in yesterday to ask for those statements we tried to get them to either reduce the charge or waive it altogether. The verdict is out on that.

In the meantime, we got our W2s in order, figured out our assets/liabilities sheet, and even got our mortgage commitment letter. It’s a good time to buy an apartment in terms of mortgages, b/c with drop from 7.25 to 6.50; we are looking at savings of about $400-500 a month. Not bad at all.

Once we get the rest of the bank statements and I finish my OCD need to put everything in laminated bindered pages, we can meet with our broker and send things out. Then we will schedule the board meeting and arrange for a closing date.

As the date draws nearer for our exit from our current pad, the reality of moving starts to settle in more and more. It will definitely be weird to leave the place we’ve spent the past 3 years of our lives. We moved in, ‘in sin’ and then as an engaged couple and now married for the past 7 months (to the day). Lots has transpired here, so it’ll be bittersweet to leave. It’s odd that we’re now thinking about piece mealing our apartment, selling our blinds to one friend, trying to sell our TV to another. Amanda informed me the other day that certain paintings or pictures wouldn’t be making it to the new apartment, so in an attempt to bring Mr. T in pearls and Napoleon Dynamite to a new home, I’ve taken them to my office. It works anyhow, since the walls in my office are bare.

That is all for the moment. We’ve been wanting to venture down to Brooklyn more and stroll around but the subzero temperatures are keeping us indoors. Once it warms up, we’ll hit it up again.

Until then.

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Abbey Sarynne said...

I remember when you first moved in "in sin"...how bad of you two to do such a sinful thing! Ican't believe my little Mittfarbs will soon be moving into their very own place!
I'll have to buy you a paintingof dogs playing poker (of course, on purple suede) for your housewarming!