Monday, January 28, 2008

and we're off! (we hope)

Last night we put the finishing touches on our co-op application package. (See pictures). You can get an idea of all the crap that goes into. I’I've been incredibly anal in trying to keep organized (probably making the broker’s life a lot easier than necessary).

It’s kind of an odd feeling to see your entire financial life put into two giant binders. But I also have learned the value of being organized and just keeping stuff in binders as they come in. Although, now I think we are going to be digital with everything, and only print when necessary. It’ll save physical space and be good for the environment. That is unless of course Tyler Durton does one of those things where he takes out everyone’s credit histories and all the banks, in which case it won’t really matter anyway, since we’ll have this abominably huge book of our financial life.

Now we pass this thing off to our broker and he gets to have fun and go through it all to make sure we have everything. Then he shows it to the seller’s broker, and if they agree everything is there, they go ahead and make 5 copies for the board. Then they submit that plus $1,000 of our hard earned money (which we hear we might get back) and soon we’ll have our co-op interview.

Because I’m a dork, here’s a video.

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Abbey Sarynne said...

LOVE the videa darling!