Friday, January 18, 2008

Closing when?

Despite all our efforts to get things in order as soona s possible, there have been tons of questions that we have not had answered regarding the co-op application. They’ve asked us for statements going back two years and what not for 401K, bank accounts, etc. and we keep needing clarification on things. It’s not that we can’t get them, it’s just that we need to know.

For us to get two year bank statements (how many twenty-somethings save their receipts?) we will have to order them from the bank. Guess how much they are per statement? $6. That adds up. Luckily we can get the past year on line, but still it gets to be much.

So we were a bit confused to get this email from our broker saying:

“Also, it may be that the ______ may be able to close earlier in the month of March so the sooner we get the Board package completed, the better.”

Huh? If we are looking to expedite this why is it taking so long to get answers from the sellers broker? I would think they’d respond asap to any questions we have.

I just find that funny. But not as funny as this.

Happy weekend everyone.

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