Monday, March 3, 2008

The real victims

(not my bedspread or actual box)

Amanda went away skiing this weekend, leaving me alone with her mom. Now while that might be cause for therapy in and of itself, that experience was not that bad. I am proud to say that I have a great relationship with both of my in-laws, and I quickly learned the rule of the jungle which is that ‘so long as you do all the little things that keep your in-laws happy,” existence isn’t that bad.

That being said, I can safely say that I am definitely doing the little things: keeping the toilet seat down, putting dishes into the dishwasher, keeping everything off the floor in my room.

But now let’s talk about the real victim in this move: my play station 3.

I know what you’re saying, poor Matt, he can’t hook up his playstation 3. But here’s the thing, it’s very lonely and feeling neglected. When we were getting ready to move, I sold all my playstation 2 video game accessories to game stop, and got a nice credit of about $300. I thought I would get cash, but they sucker you in and give you only store credit their so I HAD to buy something…and I ended up with a PS3. I told myself that not only was I getting a new video game system that I don’t need, but I’m getting a blu-ray DVD player that I don’t need too! Well I got to play and have fun and enjoy it in my last apartment.

But thus far, it has not been so. While Amanda was away, I can say that I have dedicated roughly 3-4 hours to trying to find a way to set this puppy up on her dad’s HDTV. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem…I’d plug it in with what we call an HDMI cord. The only problem is that he already uses it in a DVD player, and to get it into mine, I’d have to unplug it and place it precariously on a drawer, which means this $400 piece of equipment would be hanging at an odd angle, ready to plummet to its death at any moment. The horror. That and I don’t think her father would appreciate coming home to see my frankensteining of his beloved TV system.

So I tried everything: tried to get it to work through the cable system, the vcr, the sound system, nothing worked. I even moved the TV back and tried to plug in through the old tried and true audio/visual cables. Nothing.

You are probably wondering why I was so intent on getting this to work. Well first off, I am a big dork. Secondly, I had bought the Lost video game (you read that correctly) and was excited that I would have lots of time to play since I would be on own. (Let’s be honest, when you’re married you don’t have the free time like you used to). So it was a bit disappointing not to be able to play.

Oh well, boo hoo!

But fret not, I did find a solution, a way to get two HDMI inputs so I can have my ps3 set up. I think. Time will tell when the aforementioned solution arrives in the mail. And all I can hope for is that my solution doesn’t upset the general order of the things in the household.

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