Monday, March 10, 2008

Closing in.

Well what seemed like was never going to happen, is finally going to happen: Our broker e-mailed us yesterday and informed us that the board met on Saturday and is ready to meet us for our interview. Huzzah!

While there appear to be a few outstanding issues, overall the board was happy with our application and barring any unfortunate surprises, we should get our approval hopefully early next week. It would be shocking not to get approved at this point. That and the fact that we no longer have our own apartment could really gum things up…

Jesus…an interview? They (and I mean the proverbial ‘they,’ this is a list culled quickly by typing in co-op interview into google) say to treat the co-op interview like a job interview: be professional, dress appropriately, don’t be too informal, and don’t make jokes. They say to not elaborate on questions. Don't ask THEM questions. Don’t talk about any construction you are going to do. Keep it brief. Don’t ask if they are going to redo the lobby (because for all you know they just completed the lobby) and if you're a couple, know who is going to answer what.

It’s pretty wild, awe-inspiring, and I guess a little scary. But I think we will be fine.
Before we even get there, I have to craft a letter addressing a few questions they had, and then we’ll have a chat with our broker prior to our meeting to get our story straight and find out the best way to handle it.

A little while back we found out the co-op had asked us if had life insurance or were planning on getting it. Realizing it would be a smart move; Amanda and I have begun the process of getting insured. It’s a bit weird to think about dying, but it also is comforting to know you will leave behind something for your loved one. The oddest part is it all begins with a telephone interview, where they ask you a million questions ranging from your family health history, to how many drinks you have a week (say none, say none!) to whether you’ve ever smoked a cigarette or marijuana (never of course!) to even how often you go to the gym. Then comes the medical interview, where they test your blood and all that good stuff. That comes soon.

The other thing on our agenda is to go down with our contractor to the apartment and figuring out a plan of attack for when we move in. Knowing we are going to redo the bathroom and maybe move the laundry machines will most likely require permits, and that being the case we want to get them prior to starting work. We’d hate to get delayed b/c we didn’t think things through. But I guess if there’s one thing this anal couple does, is think things through.

Thankfully, for the male counterpart of this couple, this part of the journey is almost at a close. Soon we will get approval, leaving me just with procuring home owners insurance, finalizing life insurance, and getting our mortgage over with, and then it’s Amanda’s turn. Not that I’m opposed to decorating and design…it’s just better for…well the world if I don’t.

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Abbey Sarynne said...

List of things not to do during your interview:
1. Burp
2. Fart
3. Curse
4. Ask to keep their pen
5. smell your underarms
6. Take off your shoes
7. Put your feet up on the table
8. smoke
9. pick your nose
10. reach for something in your ear
11. bite your nails
12. punch each other
13. talk about how cool your surround sound stereo is
14. eat
15. search for belly button lint

I just thought I'd give you some tips...that Amanda is hard to control but maybe if you really remind her not to do these things, she'll try ;-)