Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Please don't take our chandelier!

Well we went to the inspection today and let me say it is quite a process. It's interesting to go and meet with a guy who points out the good and bad about your apartment. Our guy was a little pot-bellied man with grey hair who took a lot of time to make sure everything was great. The good news is that our apartment on the whole is in great shape. There are a few concerns (minor asbestos in the basement, new safety gate for second bedroom, and awful sink and color scheme of bathroom!) but for the whole we are really in great shape.

I just sent a long list of the things to our broker so I guess next steps are talking with the sellers and negotiating the deal.

Funny note: Most of the stuff is staying in the apartment but the one thing the seller is planning to take is an old family heirloom, a chandelier. We kind of smiled to ourselves as that would be the first thing we'd get rid of (enclosed pic on top).

We took more pictures today than you will want to see, and they'll get posted a little later. IN the meantime, here's a short video a took of the shelves which proves that 1)This apartment is really cool and 2)I'm a big dork.

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