Thursday, November 29, 2007



We got our inspector’s report back, although frustratingly it took a little while longer than expected. This caused a minor panic on the part of our sellers who were worried that something was wrong. This irregardless of the fact that the inspector we used was one recommended to us by both brokers (ours and theirs). I guess there were other buyers in the wings whose offers were on the table until Friday…regardless, the contracts were signed this morning, and our down payment check is processed on its way (bye bye moolah!)

So needless to say this is real. This baby is happening whether we want it to or not. (just quoting Paul Rudd in knocked up).

We are excited, and once this is taken care of, most of the work is’s all legally binding so we now have an apartment!!

Next steps will be to do some measurements and start planning (that’s all Amma). We also have to figure out if we are extending our lease or crashing with the mitt man rents or what not!

That’s all for now!

PS...long day yesterday so my image searching skills are a little off their game

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Kingsley said...

Awesome! congratulations and welcome to the neighborhood. If you like organic raw sugar you two can come borrow some from us anytime.