Thursday, September 27, 2007

To Condo or Coop- That is the Question

I seriously think I am crazy. All this going back and forth with what I think I want, and then changing my mind, and then changing it back again. Breathe, Mrs. Southpaw. No decisions have to be made yet (plus we found if we dont find an apt by end Feb, we can extend our lease by 3 months, but it's my busiest travelling month in May, so don't really want to do that).

Anyway, the latest question/debate on my mind is condo vs. coop. In Forest Hills, where we'll be on Sunday, they are basically ALL coops. We originally wanted a condo, but we're open. But then we learned that we'll probably have to put down a 30-40% down payment on a coop, and we just can't afford that. We have crunched our numbers and can afford a 20% deposit, leaving us enough money for renovations and a very important emergency fund. This extra 10-20% is something we're not prepared to do. I realize every coop is different, but that's just what I'm hearing, at least in Forest Hills.

So after learning about this (such a learning curve!) I ran home and neglected cooking dinner, and looked for condos. There are many in Brooklyn and LIC (newer construction). Of course, condos are more expensive, but we dont need to lay out the 30-40% down payment, plus there's no board to deal with, and a major plus is that we could rent out the apartment down the road and use that as a source of income for us. Agh, who knows what we'll do, but I'm still jazzed about all of this (my god, did I just say jazzed...I think the golden girls picture makes me think of jazzercising, the excercise nut I am).

SO, that's where we are now...I'd love to hear your thoughts or comments!

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Abbey Sarynne said...

As a condo owner, I have to say - I LOVE IT! I will say, though, that I don't think this 40% business applies to all co-ops; especially with a good credit report...don't fret my pets! Also, don't rush! If you have to extend until May in order to find your perfect place, then do it! I'll drag my Southern butt up there to help y'all!