Monday, September 24, 2007

First Entry

This is the first entry of apartment buying venture. The blog will seek to serve a few purposes.

First and foremost, it is our way of keeping track of the neighborhoods we visit, the ones we love, what we love about them and why. The pluses and minuses, the pros and cons. With all the disorganization running around (at least in the writers mind) this will keep a dialogue and record of where and when and what we felt at that time. (Plus some pics to match). We'll also keep a record of our experiences with brokers.

Secondly, this blog is going to help us laugh when we think about how ridiculous the process may be of looking for an apartment.

Here's the deal: Our lease ends Feb 28th. Today is September 24th. That leaves us 3 months to search, scour, and scorn the bureaus of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens to find a place for us to move into on March 1st!

May god be with us.

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