Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fort Greene

Fort Greene. Well, we actually went to Fort Greene to visit a friend who just had their baby, and little did we know we were actually interviewing this cool neighborhood south of Manhattan. I have to admit going in Amanda thought we were anti, and that our heart was set on Queens, but after seeing all there was to offer, we definitely are re-thinking how we feel. We don't have pictures for this venture, but we do have our list of pros and cons from our visit this past Sunday.
1. Great neighborhood..perfect for a kid and a dog. (Did we just say that out loud? Also, which comes first, the kid or the dog? Maybe we should have the dog and make sure we don't kill it before having a kid)
2. Good value on real estate that we've seen...can get a great apt that feels like a home.
3. Up and coming area (While many parts of Brooklyn are already what we'd call developed and past up and coming, the whole area is slowly coming to life).
4. Great park (fort greene park http://www.fortgreenepark.org/)
5. Good restaurants, organic food (very green, if you're into that type of thing).
6. Young area
7. MANY subways go there and back.
8. Quick subway ride to downtown Manhattan
9. Get to feel like you're out of the city without getting too far away.
10. Crunch gym. (While some people feel this is a bad thing for Brooklyn, any semblance of a chain, we welcome it as we love Crunch. So there).

1. Borders on a shady area
2. Some parts (too) under-developed
3. Are we not hip enough for Brooklyn? (Refuse to get tattoos or multiple piercings)
4. Longer commute to NYC (35-45 minutes)
5. Longer commute to Westchester
6. Enough stimulation around the area for us?


audrey said...

don't move to fort greene if you have a daily commute to Westchester. I had a beautiful BEAUTIFUL duplex apartment in a two family house in Park Slope (not that far away) and I had a daily commute to New Rochelle that nearly killed me. It would have been easier to commute from Pookeepsie than do that.

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