Sunday, September 21, 2008

All moved in!


After a year of planning, executing, renovating, fighting with the neighbors and god knows what else...I'm happy to report that Amanda and I are FINALLY all moved in.

It's pretty friggin wild.

And we don't really wait to get everything done. We're basically done. Seriously.
Here are about twenty pics of the apartment as it stands. Basically we have to throw out the broken down boxes and then hang up our artwork.

So check it out, and enjoy...there's still more to come. It's really really weird to be in new place.

Oh yeah, the move wasn't completely 'hitch-less.' they couldn't fit our box spring and headboard up the stairs, so we are currently sleeping on our mattress on the floor. It's cozy in a college dorm-room kind of way.

Luckily, we are taking tomorrow off so we can relax and recover, which is good b/c Amma has gotten a bit of a cold from all the dust. Oh...and we mustn't fortget that there is now photograph proof that I am capable of doing a few handy things, as evidenced by my putting a desk together, installing shelves into the cainets, and installing a garbage rack into the sink cabinet door. I know you are saying 'big deal, a 10 year old can do that Matt,' to which i have to say, 'eat it.'

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Abbey Sarynne said...

First of all...
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am SO happy for you!!
Secondly, I give you big propos for putting those things together. As a Jewish man, you are not predisposed to handling those sort of things, and it makes it that much more impressive!
Thirdly...and you had to knwo I would think this...I LOOOOOOOOVE the animsl print...LOVE it.
The apartment looks fabulous and you two look fabulous in it!
I LOVE YOU BOTH! Hooray!!!
Just remember, now that you're from Brooklyn, don't think you're tougher than me! I can beat you up if I need to! (OK, I wouldn't want to beat you up and probably couldn't anyway...but I AM from Edgewood so watch out!)