Sunday, September 28, 2008

A bunch for Brunch

Amanda pointed out that just because we have finally moved in, doesn't mean the blog has to stop.
So with that, wanted to just post that we are getting settled in to the apartment, and it's slowly but surely coming together. As I've already said, we're completely out of our boxes, and now we're in the process of hanging up our artwork. Well, to clarify, we are waiting on Ronnie (our designer) to come and tell us where he thinks the artwork should go. (This basically means that once again I have no say in much).

However, my aeron chair came today so I'm a happy pappy.

We had friends over today, our first guests for Brunch. The Barishes brought Max, and the Gedans brought Ari, and we had bagels, lox, quinoa muffins, cake, coffee and enough stuff to make your stomach stuffed for a long time.

Later in the afternoon Amanda's brother came over with Gabey the baby and the rest of the family.

Here are some pics


Abbey Sarynne said...

The first of many happy memories to come!!!

Camp said...
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