Thursday, April 3, 2008


So last night around 4 am, I woke up for whatever reason. Perhaps I needed to go to the bathroom or perhaps was contemplating the theory of relativity or Archimedes treatise on global expansion, but for whatever reason, I raised my head up, and then decided to put it back down, except that where my body was in relation to my pillow was not where it normally should have been. For some reason, my head was directly over my night table, allowing me the pleasure of slamming my head into it at full speed. I heard a loud bang and then me saying, ‘Ow!” in a way that was almost as if I hadn’t even said it.

Perhaps I can chock this up to my disorientation of not being in my own apartment, or perhaps I woke up, sat up, and didn’t realize I was sitting up with my feet on the ground, putting in me prime position to think my stand was a pillow. Who knows.

Because it was 4 A.M., I didn’t feel compelled to get up and go to the bathroom or check to see if I was bleeding profusely or if I had a concussion (something Amanda said that naturally I would assume the worst, which of course meant that if I did have a concussion I was screwed because I did end up going back to sleep), but instead corrected my body and laid myself down on the bed.

I woke up this morning, with a vague pounding in my head and a quiet recollection of something happening the night before.

I connected the dots when Amanda told me she dreamed of hearing a loud noise, thinking nothing of it and then going back to sleep.

Perhaps this is a sign that we need to move. And soon.

Oh, that and her grandparents are coming next week to stay at the apartment which means we are now being relegated to her mom’s apartment office, which coincidentally is right next to her parent’s bedroom.

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