Thursday, April 24, 2008

F-in A, dude

So the drama of our mortgage is yet to subside.

We were all planned for a closing on Monday but due to some unforeseen changes in market rates, we had to adjust and move some things around.

This has caused some last minute, round the clock work on our end to try and bring the closing to an end still on time.

Unfortunately, it looks like we might have to postpone our closing by about 24 or 48 hours. Or at least that’s what we wanted.

Instead, the seller’s attorney wanted to do on the 7th, and frankly, that leaves the seller’s ‘livid.’ I got a call from our real estate broker who kindly vented to me the seller’s frustration at the last minute change in the situation. I tried to reinforce back that we have been more than patient with the sellers in the fact that we delayed the closing by months so they can finish their renovations. Hell, we moved in with Amanda’s parents! I subjected myself to her grandmother in her bathrobe and endless 3 hour conversations.

I can see it from the seller’s point of view. They have two kids and its hard to move things around, but this is just the nature of the beast. We didn’t say anything how that when we put the bid down market rates were down and as we couldn’t lock in a rate since we couldn’t settle on a date the rates went up, which is part of the reason this whole rigmarole began in the first place. Part of me just wants to say “Eat it” because we’ve had to upend our own lives as well. We bid in October, and were accommodating enough to make it work. Hell, we’re being accommodating by pushing the walkthrough to the day of the closing…b/c they needed extra time to pack. Imagine if we found the place was messed up on that day? What a nightmare that would be!

If they don’t want to wait until the 7th, then perhaps they should have their lawyer find a partner to cover for them on the 30th. And they technically don’t even have to be there, since it’s really just about giving them their checks. I guess it’s just frustrating because our broker relayed to us that there is now some “hostility” b/w them and us, as if this was something we planned. It’s an usual situation, but due to the outrageous unpredictability of the market and banks, we needed to change the structure of things.

If they want to be upset, that is fine. Truth be told, this will be done soon and we’ll have our apartment.

But now I feel better at having vented. Shheeeat.

To make myself feel better, I've included a clip that make me laugh.

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Abbey Sarynne said...

I ams so sorry this happened! You two are too nice -you really are! Please keep us posted!!!