Thursday, May 1, 2008

"I'm So Impressed!"

This is a surprise post for Chew (I am making a rare guest blog appearance!)

The 2 people that read this blog (super YAY for Abbey for commenting on almost every post-lots of love for ya) should really know how super amazing and wonderful MattChew has been from the moment we put our bid down until now. I can't claim that I had much to do with the details of acquiring of the apartment, because I didn't really.

From the very beginning, Chew was on a mission to understand EVERYTHING involving apartment hunting-how and why it rocks, and of course, how/why it sucks. And then he sought to educate others! (the other being Abbey, who knows all this stuff anyway).

SO-I want to give a MAJOR shout out and props to my hubby CHEW-who is so friggin awesome for taking care of everything. You should feel very proud of yourself for this major accomplishment.

Now it's my turn with the renos!

PS. That is a picture of my adorable husband from our Honeymoon. It is also the face he will be making all day after our closing. (Babe, I almost chose the bathing cap one, but decided to be nice ;-)


quickee said...

Hey you guys! I read your blog too! Best wishes for an uneventful walk through and a quick and simple signing. (Very anticlimactic as I recall.) We can't wait to visit you in Park Slope. xox ellie

Abbey Sarynne said...

YEAH!!! I hope your day was boring - full of finding no problems with the place and a bunch of lawyers telling you where to sign! Hooray Hooray Hooray!